Breaking the Stigma Surrounding Men’s Mental Health

The reason we do this is very simple and is the fact the vast majority of Men will not talk about the mental health issues they are experiencing. This stigma is just far too great for them. But the reality is talking about your mental health will help you, it will help those you love and it will help your family, your work colleagues, your friends and everyone that surrounds you. Why? Because talking about it will change you. You will stop feeling alone, your mood may change. You will start a journey that will benefit you and everyone surrounding you.
Most men won’t even tell their wives, but she will almost certainly beaware that there is something wrong. In a lot of cases at The Men’s Mind Project, it is the wife who contacts us first because they want to help and stop the suffering.

What We Do

Monday Night Peer Support Group

A safe place where men can discuss and share their thoughts and feelings, mental health problems, or just listen to what others have to say.

The Men's Mind Toolbox Talks

These talks are catered towards the male-dominated construction industry where the stigma towards mental health problems is strong and deeply embedded.

Business & Construction Industry Talks

These focus on how mental health affects different people in different ways in the workplace, from people who have been there and suffered too.

School and College Talks

Focused on prevention, these talks from personal experiences, aim to give students and staff sound information, guidance and signposts for where to possibly go next.

Featured Works

Construction Tool Box Talk

Raising awareness of mental health issues within the construction industry. As an industry, they have a poor record on mental health. Factors include: working away from home; heavy workloads; long working hours; late payments and job insecurity. Poor management practices and a lack of understanding can add to the problem, too.

Business & Construction Site Talk

Kent Enviropower Limited, a subsidiary of FCC Environment, operates an integrated waste management facility at Allington Quarry on the outskirts of Maidstone. Where we carried out several talks to their management, office and site staff over a period of 3 weeks.

Business Talk

We carried out 2 Mental Health Business talks with Sevenoaks District Council over the course of 2 Friday meetings. One at their main office in Sevenoaks and the other at their waste disposal site in Sundridge.

We hold these talks to help spread awareness about mental health and to talk about our own experiences and mental health issues – covering a number of different aspects of mental health, including the signs and symptoms to look out for, and various mental health conditions, such as depression, anxiety, self-harm and other significant topics. 

Carry out a sponsored event for The Men’s Mind Project

We Are Here To Help

We Know the Problems

The NHS is underfunding mental health issues. We and many others will lobby for more funds to be spent on mental health but whilst that is happening we are here to help you.

Individual Help

We will access with you privately how we can best help you, and what your needs are then support you whilst you are waiting for this.

The Journey

We will journey with you. We know it comes with ups and downs and we want to be there the whole way offering as much support as we can.


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Monday Night Peer Support Group

The Monday night support group has become a safe place where men can come and discuss the mental health problems they are suffering within a non-judgmental group, where men are free to share their thoughts and feelings, if and when they want to, they can also choose to just sit and listen to what others have to say.

Business & Construction Industry Talks

These talks focus on how mental health affects people in different ways in the workplace, carried out by people who have suffered from mental health problems, and are frank and honest in their approach. We have delivered this talk to several companies with very positive results and feedback.

School & College Talks

We have recently been invited to several schools and colleges to talk to the staff and pupils on all matters surrounding mental health. We aim to look at prevention - giving the pupils sound information and where to obtain help if they are suffering from issues surrounding their mental health before it reaches a crisis stage. The talks come from personal experiences and are frank and honest.