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Breaking the Stigma Surrounding Men’s Mental Health

Mental health affects everyone for some it will be no more than a bad day at work or home. For some, it will be a cycle of being up and then down. For others, it will change and impact their lives every day. 

What we all must realise is that mental health is not always bad, there is good mental health, but all too often good mental gets lost in the haze of bad mental health publicity.  

In our Mental Health Talks to businesses, we look at all aspects of mental health giving personal experiences delivered by people who have first-hand experience with mental health issues. The Men’s Mind Project offer a wide range of employee mental health talks to enable good well-being in the workplace for all.

Good mental health and wellbeing is as fundamental to life as good physical health. In order for your staff to perform at their best, they need to be at their best. That is why we know that strengthening your employees’ mental resilience is the key to unlocking their full potential.

Awareness is the first step in the fight to end the stigma surrounding mental ill health. Organisations seeking a proactive approach to ending mental health stigma in the workplace can hire us to deliver our popular and engaging productivity or wellbeing talks for their staff.

Our Business Talks are open to both males and females and are designed to make people aware, get them talking, and seek help.  

We speak from experience on a variety of topics including:

Key Mental Health Facts

What Does Depression Look Like?

How you can help someone

Why We Don't Talk

What Does Anxiety Look Like?

What You Can Do to Help

Key Work Health Facts

What Does Trauma Look Like?

Signposts to Help

Why Your Business Should be Talking About Mental Health...

1 in 4

of your workforce will suffer mental health issues


of work-age adults have a mental health disorder


of people aged between 25 & 34 have experienced anxiety

300, 000

people with mental health problems lose their job each year.


of employees calling in sick with stress give a different reason


cost to UK employers in 2020 for poor employee mental health


of workers reported mental health problems impacted their work.


NHS staff have taken at least a month off work due to stress since 2014
We do not make a charge for carrying out these talks, but we ask companies if they would be willing to make a donation towards our costs and the work we carry out. The Men’s Mind Project run a Peer Support Group on Monday evenings from 7-9pm at Snodland Town Council, Waghorn Lane, Snodland. ME6 5BQ and is open to all men over 18. 
We support men on their journey to getting help for their mental health problems and regularly pay for them to have counselling which enables them to start a new and better life the donation your company makes will make a difference in a number of men’s lives.