The Men's Mind Toolbox Talks

Breaking the Stigma Surrounding Men’s Mental Health

Over the years health and safety on construction sites has vastly improved and rightly so. But one thing that has lagged behind is site workers’ mental health and wellbeing. Mental health issues have now reached a critical point in that a construction worker is far more likely to take their own life than they are to have a fall from height – with 2 construction workers taking their own life every day.

We have to educate everyone in the industry to recognise the signs and symptoms of colleagues suffering from stress, anxiety or depression and start the conversation to assist in their recovery.

A major study by Mindwise was that if individuals want to talk about mental health, they often don’t know how. A national study found that 60% of employees who experience mental health issues have never spoken about it to anyone at work.

The study also showed that employees want to be able to communicate more openly about behavioural health in an accepting culture, receive training, and get clear information about where to go for support.

Construction sites are male-dominated environments and have become places mental health problems are seen as a sign of weakness and therefore never spoken about.

At The Men’s Mind Project, we are actively involved in breaking down the stigma surrounding mental health. Our talks are delivered from first-hand experience of mental health and the talks are delivered by people who have worked on construction sites.

Our toolbox talks cover:

Industry Mental Health Facts

What Does Depression Look Like?

How you can help someone

Why We Don't Talk

What Does Anxiety Look Like?

What You Can Do to Help

Key Industry Health Facts

What Does Trauma Look Like?

Signposts to Help

Why The Construction Industry Should be Talking About Mental Health...


of workers say their employment has an adverse effect on their mental health.


of the people would worry about telling their employer if they had a mental health condition, for fear of getting a negative response.


of construction industry workers thought about taking their own lives in 2019


of construction professionals work for organisations with no policies on mental health in the workplace.

More working days are lost to mental health issues than any other medical problem. But people will not say they have a mental health issue because of the stigma
We do not make a charge for carrying out these talks but ask if your company would consider making a donation to cover the cost of our work and travel expenses.
We are currently preparing a talk to be delivered to management within your company to identify people suffering from mental health issues, how to approach them, talk to them and what help is available. This presentation will be available shortly and will have a suggested donation for delivering these sessions.
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