Social Media Volunteer


There is a stigma that has built up over the generations surrounding men’s mental health,
The Men’s Mind Project (TMMP) is on the road to breaking this stigma. It begins with people
simply looking for help with their mental health problems only to find that accessing help
becomes an almost impossible task. At this point, most people give up and withdraw into a
dark and scary place. Thankfully there are people like Tom Perry, who after encountering
many doors being closed to him in trying to obtain help after suffering from his own mental
health problems decided to set up an online help group. From this, he began to see how
significant the need was for others so they took the next step and in July 2021 he set up a
men’s support group which became The Men’s Mind Project. The project gives men the
opportunity to open up and discuss their mental health in an all-male environment

Our Work

There is a stigma that has built up over the generations surrounding men’s mental health,
TMMP is on the road to breaking this stigma. The attitudes which prevail are that men are
supposed to be always strong, men are not supposed to cry, and they have to keep their
emotions in check. Men are continually told to man up and pull themselves together. This
has led to a point where men are scared to talk about their mental health.
At present we run a Monday evening Peer Support Group where men can talk about their
mental health and the issues they are facing in a relaxed and secure environment. We also
go out to schools, colleges and businesses giving talks on mental health to their staff and

Our Platforms

We currently operate 2 Facebook groups, one which is open for anyone to join and one
which is closed and members have to be approved as this is a group where men can
discuss their mental health issues.
We are currently building a website at the moment which will soon be operational. Part of the
Social Media Co-ordinators role would be to get us up and running on other platforms such
as Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin etc.

Why Do We Need You?

To enable The Men’s Mind Project to grow and help those in need with mental health issues.
The area of mental health is vastly underfunded and within this role of Social Media
Co-ordinator, you will be directly involved in helping us gain the funding we need to carry out
our work.

Key Responsibilities

This is an exciting opportunity to support shops by managing our different social media
channels, with an aim to maximise engagement, promote volunteering and raise awareness
of The Men’s Mind Project campaigns. As a Social Media Volunteer, you will be involved in the following:

  1. Establishing and/or maintaining active social media channels
  2. Researching and creating creative content for different social media channels
    Identifying opportunities to establish relationships with local community groups
  3. Advertise volunteering opportunities online, website, and diversify online presence by developing other potential social media channels i.e. Pinterest.
  4. Keeping up to date with The Men’s Mind Project campaigns and promoting this
    across the different channels
  5. Thinking of innovative ways to drive online engagement. Identifying target audiences and being up to date with current trends.


You do not need specific skills and experience as training will be provided, but the following will be useful:

  1. Commitment to The Men’s Mind Project values of empowerment, accountability, and inclusiveness.
  2. Ability to work within The Men’s Mind Project policies and guidelines.
  3. Experience of using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin and other platforms.
  4. Good written communication skills, with accuracy and good attention to detail.
  5. Ability to think creatively when sharing content.
  6. Ability to work collaboratively as part of a team and motivation to work as an individual.
  7. Ability to deal in a professional manner when communicating online.

A basic digital photography experience will be useful but not necessary.

What Will You Gain From This Opportunity?

  1. You will be helping people with mental health issues and you will be at the frontline of helping them get the help they need.
  2. Comprehensive induction, training, and ongoing support.
  3. Valuable experience for those seeking a career in marketing, social media and PR.
  4. Learn about The Men’s Mind Project development, and campaigning work.
  5. Being part of a friendly and diverse team.

People & This Role

We wish to build a diverse volunteer base made up of people from different backgrounds and ages. The minimum age for this role is 18 years old.
Due to the nature of being a men’s group and the difficulty men have in talking about their mental health issues in front of women all volunteer roles directly linked to the Peer Support Group and some other roles will only be open to men. This volunteer position will however be open to both male and female candidates. We may appoint more than one person to this role.
You will need to have an understanding and empathy for mental health issues. The person (or persons) chosen will have to be willing to undertake mental training such as Mental Health First Aid Course and other courses as needed.

You will need to provide two references for this role

Learning Opportunities 

We will provide you with ongoing support and training throughout your volunteering

  • Full induction
  • Health and Safety
  • Safeguarding
  • Data Protection and compliance
  • Equipment

If necessary we will provide the equipment needed to fulfill this role.

What’s Next?

Once you submit your application to and suitable references are gathered, you will meet with the directors of The Men’s Mind Project for an informal interview. You will then receive a full induction and all the essential training and learning and begin your volunteering journey with the Men’s Mind Project.
Thank you very much for your interest in volunteering with us. We look forward to having you on our team.

Application Deadline

One of our directors will contact you as soon as possible and will arrange a convenient time to set up a meeting and have a chat about volunteering.

Interview Date

We will set interview dates after the application deadline, but interviews will probably be on a Friday.

Start date

As soon as you have had an initial chat with our directors and after receipt of suitable
references, we can arrange a start date with the chosen candidates.